• Turnkey construction in existing buildings

    Expansion of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle development test field

  • RENK test system GmbH: hidden champion

    RTS: hidden champion for special test rigs

  • Renk Dynamic data system

    RDDS: as versatile and reliable as a Swiss Army knife

RENK Test System GmbH

Test systems for high power applications

Within the RENK Group, RENK Test System GmbH (RTS) is responsible for test rig development and construction.

RTS is one of the world’s leading providers of customized test systems used in development, production, and quality assurance. Based on its many years of experience, RTS develops innovative test rigs for nearly every area of application in drivetrain technology.

Our expertise extends from targeted consultation, concept creation and validation, development and production up to the commissioning of the systems at the customer’s location, with subsequent training of the operating personnel. The entire product range is completed by needs-oriented service, and regular maintenance.

Our Solutions

High power testing in any industry

01 Automotive

Passenger cars - 
Commercial vehicles

02 Agriculture

Tractors - 

03 Special Vehicles

Forklifts -
Snow groomers - 
and more

04 railway

Urban transport -
Freight transport -
Passenger trains

05 aviation

Helicopters - 
Aircrafts -
Urban air mobility

06 windpower

Onshore –

07 RDDS test rig automation system

New test benches -
Modernizations -
Software licenses for free disposal


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Test System Team
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Test System Team