Our e-Bearings made for boosting your efficiency.

There is a reason why we are the market leader with our e-Bearings!

Since decades, we work with uncompromising precision, meeting every required standard and special demand to ensure unmachted reliability and degree of efficiency. By this we achieve a superior performance for your electric machine, turbine, pump, turbo compressor, fan or test stand. 

  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Modular design and accessories provides highest flexibility
  • Easy to mount 
  • Resistant to dust penetration and vibrations
  • Wear-free with the lowest maintenance demands

We have a broad portfolio with various housing shapes, lubrication and cooling variants as well as sealing systems. And our flexible, modular approach and the wide variatey of accessories enables you to adapt every bearing exactly to your specific application. 

EF e-bearings

... are perfectly suited for electric machines. You can save on special bearing foundations and the associated alignment work. Compared to pedestal slide bearings, they allow significantly shorter bearing distances and thus stiffer rotor designs. 


... are used in numerous mechanical engineering applications. These pedestal slide bearing housings were developed for placement on foundation structures. 


... are optimized for accessibility to components and thus facilitates assembly and service work. The housing shape of the e-bearing is ideally suited for a wide range of expansion stages. It can therefore be used to realize particularly sophisticated drive concepts. 


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