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Our vertical bearings - a reliable foundation for efficiency.

Easy to integrate, yet hard to surpass: vertical bearings for high axial and radial forces. 

RENK vertical bearings of the EV and V series cover the entire range of applications for slow- to high-speed vertical machines. Based on proven RENK designs, they can be perfectly matched to the specific performance and speed range of vertically installed pumps, blowers, turbines or electric machines. As a pure guide bearing or as a combined thrust-and-guide bearing, they offer the highest quality and unlimited service life.

The V series for slow-to-medium shaft speeds 

The vertical bearings of our V series are designed for slow-to medium-speed vertical machinery such as pumps, blowers, turbines or electric machines. VT bearings are supplied as combined thrust-and-guide bearings with radial and axial part; VG bearings as pure radial guide bearings. 

Type VT/VG vertical bearings can be combined with lubricant reservoirs of different sizes. Depending on the operating conditions, VT/VG bearings are operated with external lubricant supply or integrated water coolers. The housing is designed to support large axial loads, including possible shock loads, with the help of detailed FEM calculations. 

A special feature of the type VT vertical bearings are the tiltable round RENK RD circular segments. These are supported by disc springs and thus ensure uniform axial load distribution. The radial section has the function of a guide bearing. If necessary, a four-wedge shell can be used instead of the circular, cylindrical shell. This shell has a stabilizing effect on the radially lightly loaded or unloaded shaft. Type VG vertical bearings can be used as pure guide bearings with a radial shell. 

The fast running EV series 

RENK vertical bearings of the EVE/EVF series are the experts when it comes to making fastrunning machines of vertical design (such as pumps, blowers, tur-bines or electric machines) permanently efficient. The easy-to-fit bearing inserts have individually adjustable radial tilting pads. 

The outstanding feature of the EV bear-ing inserts are the tiltable round RENK RD circular segments. These are sup-ported by disc springs and thus ensure uniform axial load distribution. The radial section consists of individually adjustable radial tilting segments. The adjustability of the radial tilting segments allows adjustments in the spring’s stiffness and the damping characteristics of the bearing. 

On request, EV bearing inserts can be supplied with a lubricant reservoir. The power loss of the bearing can be dissipated by means of an integrated water cooler or by external cooling of the lubricant.


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