TS / TB / TL slide bearing gearboxes

The slide bearing gearboxes of the TS / TB / TL type group are the result of targeted standardization and development for all applications in the field of high-speed drive elements. This range has been very successfully employed in applications of all types since 1985 thanks to continuous further developments.

TCS slide bearing gearbox

The slide bearing gearboxes of the TCS type group are the result of targeted development for uses in the field of high-speed compressor applications. Following continued further developments, this series has also been very successfully used in turbine applications for many years.

TNA-TNB slide bearing gearboxes

The slide bearing gearboxes of the TNA and TNB type group are the result of continuous further development in our product area focusing on high-speed drive elements. This series, which has been a very successful part of RENK’s portfolio since the mid-1980s, has now undergone an extensive upgrade.

TA..I – standardized API 613 gearbox concept

API gearbox design with fixed center distances and pre-engineered standard to meet the highest requirements.

Our innovative turbo gearboxes have been the source of continual gains in efficiency in the energy production and process technology fields for years now. The TAI range was designed especially for the special engineering requirements of the oil and gas industry. It is a standardized, single-stage gearbox concept for high-speed applications.

TA..XI – flexible API design

API 613 spur gearboxes adapted and technically enhanced to meet the highest requirements; instruments and documentation suitable for specifications in the field of oil and gas engineering.

TPV power splitting gearbox

This two-stage, high-performance gearbox concept comes into play when extreme technical requirements exceed the usual limits of spur gearboxes or planetary gearbox. Power splitting gearboxes make it possible to transmit a large amount of power at the highest speeds of the input and output shafts while requiring the lowest possible space. All gear teeth are freely adjustable to achieve uniform load distribution.

Helical gearbox, G-type

The high-speed gearboxes from RENK-MAAG GmbH are designed and constructed according to the latest findings and methods of gear unit technology. RENK-MAAG GmbH high-speed gear units can transmit a power of up to 180 MW and serve as the key component of an energy production system or as drive units for compressors or pumps.


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