Trusted spare parts supply


Original and tailored spare parts with extensive warranties.

Whether it’s planned maintenance, an emergency repair, or an overhaul. We provide you with the spare parts you need around the world – with maximum reliability, speed, and security. Throughout the entire lifetime of your machine. 

As an OEM manufacturer, we provide you with spare parts of the same high quality as the originals. When you receive original parts, they come with extensive warranties which give you the certainty that your systems will always operate reliably and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

All of the knowledge we gain during our research and development (R&D) work, and the corresponding improvements, are incorporated into the production of spare parts. Among other benefits, this also gives the performance of your systems an extra boost. 

You can achieve significant energy savings and an increased service life for your machines. Our service packages deliver what they promise and offer you the security and reliability of an OEM manufacturer that provides service according to schedule.


Focused to maximize your plant efficiency, uptime and sustainability

Our industrial services and solutions specialists bring various benefits to your projects and plants with their expertise. From improving energy efficiency and the associated reduction in emissions and costs, to increasing uptime and safety to ensure the performance of your plant. In this we act globally, promptly and throughout the lifecycle of your plant.  

Our Service Solution Team is your go-to contact for engineering and consulting demands when new plants and systems are in planing. The Industrial Service Team is specialized in supporting plant owners to to keep and improve the productivity and safety level of systems in operation. 

Whatever, whenever, wherever – our experts are your trusted partner.

Industry Solution Team

Engineering services

We are happy to provide our expertise for complete powertrains or single components as gear, couplings or bearings. From idea, to engineering to modeling and testing. 

Industry Solution Team

Condition monitoring

Our experts can support customers to setup a full functional condition monitoring system to minimize unplanned service jobs and avoid plant downtimes. Whether it is the full approach from design to implementation and even operation, or just single modules of the project.


Maintenance and modernization

Even the best designed system wear out, especially in harsh and heavy duty environments. Our service teams are expert in keeping a powertrain or the single components in the best possible condition.


Get in touch with our industrial experts!

Service Team

Contact our service specialist to identify opportunities to increase your powertrain efficiency and safety.  

Service Team
Service Team for industrial applications

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