150 years full of stories, innovations, and passion.


A pioneer of the industrial age founds RENK.

Our founder started RENK in a garage in Augsburg. Thanks to his passion and innovations the garage was not sufficient anymore and the first factory was needed.


Quantum leap

RENK constructs a gear cutting machine with a processing diameter of seven meters.



The first reversing gear units for marine applications are built.



RENK builds the fastest gear box in the world.


Global innovation

RENK produces the first turbine gear box with the highest pitch circle velocity (185 m/s).



RENK manufactures one of the largest marine gear boxes for ice going ships with a diesel motor drive. Power: 40,000 kW.



The company's name is changed to RENK Aktiengesellschaft – including the product areas of automatic vehicle transmission, drive elements, and test systems.


New dimension

RENK presents the newly developed etaX® gear box for a higher degree of efficiency.

last century

Entry into the Chinese market

Since RENK Group's various series of products entered the Chinese market in the last century, they have been widely recognized by the market and highly evaluated by customers.


RENK China | Establishment of RENK Shanghai Service and Commercial Co., Ltd.   

Since 2013, RENK has ventured into China and established RENK Shanghai Service and Commercial Co., Ltd. This move was aimed at delivering faster and more efficient service to our Chinese customers. 


RENK China | A 1,000sqm Workshop RSH in full operation

The 1,000-square-meter production facility is now in full operation, equipped to disassemble, assemble, and repair large-scale transmission devices.


Three records in one year.

  1. COPE, the most powerful cement mill gear boxes thus far with an eight-motor drive and an output of 10 MW.
  2. The world’s largest spur gear box (290 metric tons) for the propulsion of the cutting head of a head suction dredger with a torque of 2.5 million nM…
  3. First AED electric drive module for extremely low-noise marine propulsion systems.

A superlative scale

The world's largest test stand for gear boxes up to this point is built in 2016.


RENK China | Bench RSH 

RENK China has made significant investments in an assembly workshop and two high-torque test benches, dedicated to the assembly and fine-tuning of wind power couplings. These couplings are supplied to both semi-direct drive and doubly-fed wind turbine manufacturers.


RENK China | ISO 9001

RENK China ist ISO 9001 zertifiziert


150 years - a success story continues.

An incredible and successful journey of 150 years. Made possible by passionate, innovative and incredible employees, customers and partners. Something we will celebrate for sure and a reason to innovate our logo and branding.  

At RENK China, we assemble and fine-tune high-standard test benches.


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