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Our Portfolio

Leader in drive technology

Slide Bearing

Infinite endurance for profitable machines

Extreme forces throughout the driveline need a strong guide: RENK slide bearings. They are the unrivalled experts in mastering high dynamics. With RENK, you will find exactly the standard or customized solution that perfectly complements your application. As the world’s leader in slide bearing technology, RENK brings unique precision, performance and durability to your project. Every bearing and every detail benefits from our more than 140 years of experience and innovation, delivering the highest efficiency and reliability.


Intelligent coupling solutions for all applications.

Maximum passion and reliability, precision and quality commitment in manufacturing:

This makes RENK a leading specialist in pioneering solutions for controlling extreme forces troughout the drivetrain in: industrial applications, power generation, demanding maritime applications. The result is innovative products and solutions that set standards when it comes to quality, precision, and reliability and represent the cutting edge of technology on the worldwide market.

Uncompromising expertise and our focus on holistic solutions ensure success in every project.

RENK is available for you with worldwide commitment and dedication, creativity, and expert knowledge. Our service portfolio is complete from innovative services throughout the entire life-cycle, from consultation and customer development to maintenance, condition monitoring, and test benches.

Gear Technology

The world market leader in power transmission technology

RENK power transmission systems ensure variable, powerful and dependable, in the markets for customized gear units used in industry plant, ships as well as for drive system components and test rigs, we are likewise up among the leaders. For years now our innovative gear units have excellent performance focus on more output, more efficiency.

Test Systems

Test systems for high power applications

Within the RENK Group, RENK Test System GmbH (RTS) is responsible for test rig development and construction.

RTS is one of the world’s leading providers of customized test systems used in development, production, and quality assurance. Based on its many years of experience, RTS develops innovative test rigs for nearly every area of application in drivetrain technology.

Our expertise extends from targeted consultation, concept creation and validation, development and production up to the commissioning of the systems at the customer’s location, with subsequent training of the operating personnel. The entire product range is completed by needs-oriented service, and regular maintenance.


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